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This home doubles as a dance studio and has a second front entryway for the studio.  The client wanted an inviting front design for personal use and for their client’s enjoyment, and as a way to connect with the surrounding community.  They also hold religious gatherings with family and friends so flowers for plucking and stone canvases for traditional ceremonial art displays were also priorities.  Being able to walk around the entire property to enjoy their plantings was an important goal to achieve with their design and build project as well.

We designed a central front bluestone courtyard with built-in seating and Kichler landscape lighting.  Magnolias, weeping Cercis, perennials, and perennial grasses, surround the courtyard.  A custom 6’x6′ trellis is hung next to the main entrance like a painting where we will plant fragrant vines in the spring to stimulate the senses of their guests as they arrive.  In front of each door, square brownstones were installed as canvases for their ceremonial art projects.  Bluestone walkways and pathways surround the home and are met by lush plantings around the entire property.

As the project was under construction, our clients were planning a celebration to renew their vows.  They were researching venues for the important event.  As the project evolved and they became increasingly pleased and excited with the results, they asked us if we could guarantee completion in time for them to host their vow renewal celebration in their new garden terraces.  We completed everything in time for the event!

We met with our client regarding our estate maintenance services and were having a conversation with him about how he was enjoying the new property.  Our client said: “60 years on this earth and this is the first year that I have really connected with the evolution of plants and the beauty of nature around me!”


"They care about their customers and are proud of their projects."

Timothy Seriniese, Timothy's Center for Gardening

Robbinsville, NJ

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