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Garden Artisans LLC has the comprehensive knowledge to procure rare natural stone and plant material for a multitude of design and engineering uses. Wielding natural stone and plant products with precision is a skill our tradesmen have acquired over years of experience. Whatever your project requires, we can design a custom solution, source the materials, and follow through with expert craftsmanship.

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Garden Artisans LLC are experts in constructing our unique designs with high quality materials. Our building services include:

Tree, Shrub & Perennial Plantings
With the addition of hand selected quality plant material, shade trees, privacy borders, and perennial borders, Garden Artisans can help you greatly enhance the value of your property.

Bluestone & Natural Stone Walkways, Walls, Terraces & Patios
Garden Artisans creates unique outdoor living spaces using natural stone products. Whether it’s a wall, a patio, a walkway, or a terrace, we take pride in installing a variety of natural stone products that are built to last.

Outdoor Fireplaces, Fire Pits & Outdoor Kitchens
Warm your friends, family, and clients with a year round entertainment area and host dinner parties with your unique outdoor kitchen.

Ponds, Waterfalls & Streams
Create serenity, motion, and reflection with the addition of an attractive water feature.

Drainage Solutions (Storm Water Management
Garden Artisans specializes in finding the sensible solution to mitigate your storm water problem through good design and planning practices. Our plans can solve water issues on your property such as eliminating water in your basement, standing water on your property, excess water around your foundation, erosion, etc.

Permeable Driveways, Walkways & Patios
As the urban environment expands, so do impermeable surfaces, increasing the volume of storm water run-off. The installation of a permeable driveway, walkway, or patio will allow storm water to percolate through the surface and back into the ground, naturally reducing storm water run-off. Permeable paving can often increase the usable area of properties.

Green Roof Installation
Replace your old shingles with a specialized waterproof membrane, engineered soil median, and plantings of your choice. This technology is ideal for sheds, garages, residential homes, and businesses. Green roofs can reduce storm water run-off and lower heating and cooling costs.

Decks, Pergolas, Arbors, Fencing & Deer Fencing
Built to complement your existing landscape, Garden Artisans can create your dream deck or create privacy between you and your neighbor. A variety of wooden, metal, cellular vinyl, and composite options are available.

Paver Walkways, Terraces, Patios, Driveways & Walls
The construction of an outdoor living space adds interest, functionality, and value to your property. Our build team takes pride in precision installations that exceed manufacturer’s installation specifications.

Landscape Lighting
Enjoy your outdoor living space in the evening with a custom lighting installation. Lighting can be used to highlight plant specimens, light walkways, steps, and driveways for safety and curb appeal.

Corten Steel Walls and Sculptural Elements
A unique oxidized steel material that can be artfully installed into your landscape to provide contrast, elevation, and focal points.

Veneer Stone
Garden Artisans uses a variety of natural or faux stone products to enhance steps, exterior or interior walls, columns, outdoor kitchens and fire places.

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